Consulting – Creative Actions by X-Concepts

X-Concepts Oy core business strategy is to provide independent management consulting and expert services in the strategic and operational level. We cooperate with our client organizations and when requested, participate in their daily activities in the operational engagement. We consult with our clients to build effective organizations, reduce costs and help to manage risk. At your decision, our personnel are available for part or full time employment for a fixed period of time to operate your management or leadership on your behalf.

X-Concepts Oy personnel are well-connected within the Finnish industry, including FinNuclear Association and are able to come up with the most comprehensive, fact driven insights and answers to your questions. As a result of our extensive experience, we are able to provide independent and objective consulting services that facilitate the identification and analysis of your current business or opportunities. These will form the basis for recommendations that X-Concepts Oy will provide to your business and organization to succeed and cope in the business environment of Finland. Our principal objective is to create a prosperous and sustainable future for our clients.

  • Managing your business compliance within the Finnish requirements
  • Clear strategic direction
  • Growing your business and increase revenue
  • Evaluating your business and reduce cost
  • Planning your succession and marketing
  • Logistics and supply chain management
  • Profitability and performance improvement
  • Managing your people and organization
  • Managing your risk

We are networking and able to team up effectively for large scale assignments. Our highly skilled teams are effective at all levels and can recommend unique solutions and creative actions in respect to a multitude of management issues, and help when requested, in their implementation. Our clients benefit from our pragmatic implementation plans and solid execution. 

Photos: TVO/Hannu Huovila