X-Concepts Oy provides services for NPP Industry

X-Concepts Oy provides independent integrated consulting and project management services for NPP industry, from energy companies to NPP- suppliers, including the whole supply chain of  subcontractors and suppliers.

X-Concepts Oy competent personnel have a long term experience of services to Finnish nuclear power plants, on all sites of Loviisa and Olkiluoto. We understand well the high efficiency requirement in installation works and are ready to meet those, in the running plant outages as well as the new build projects of OL3, OL4 and Hanhikivi 1 of Fennovoima.

Our experts have participated in numerous tasks in Olkiluoto 3- project since 2004. Through an intimate knowledge of the different construction phases to complete  a 3rd generation NPP New-Build, we are able to provide an extensive range of high quality project management services, which are based on a detailed understanding of hands on pragmatic participation to on site activities.

In fact, the X-Concepts Oy personnel practical experience derive  from  in depth evaluation and bidding processes on behalf of number of Finnish contractors through numerous technical and commercial meetings.


If you are looking for a knowledgeable independent consult to help your endeavor within the Finnish NPP-industry, you don’t have to look further. X-Concepts Oy can provide you with creative actions.

The foreseen challenges of the Finnish NPP-projects

  • The documentation and engineering requirements will be set highest in the world by Finnish authorities 
  • The documentation and records follow up are highest in the industry
  • The optimization of erection and commissioning  times is critical to the success of the project
  • The integration of all site disciplines schedules are crucial
  • The requirement of workmanship quality and certification is extremely high
  • The site safety requirements are high
  • The Finnish labor laws  and union agreements must be obeyed
  • The contractual conditions of international, multicultural dispatched workers will be strictly enforced

Photos: TVO/Hannu Huovila